Wellness Journey has hatched an Egg Club


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Since we began our Wellness Journey, the supply of pasture raised eggs and grass-fed beef has dwindled and left our fridge empty. This is great news though, as it signals our next order with Parker Creek Ranch! If you recall our last post, the extension of our fitness initiative made its way into the kitchen and introduced us to sampling regenerative holistic farming products while also supporting local small businesses.  The result yielded positive reviews across the board. Many WestEast employees cited a sweeter taste to their eggs compared to the local superstore huevos. Lest not forget the warm shades of tan in their cartons!

 By popular demand an “Egg Club” has hatched in our office! The establishment of this new club is positive reinforcement towards a healthier lifestyle and increased awareness of environmental preservation. As architectural designers, we are tasked with designing environmentally conscious facilities. By supporting products of holistic farming, we are extending this practice into our personal lives and are designing a better lifestyle for continued health. Our goal is to increase awareness about preserving the environment and promoting healthier habits within our office space, one egg at a time.  

We are egg-cited to continue our wellness journey and introduce new ways to limit our ecological footprint and instill a healthier lifestyle.   

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Downtown Sidewalk Project Completed

San Antonio Central Business District

13 June 2019

WestEast Design Group recently finished a sidewalk prism vault replacement at the Central Business District in downtown San Antonio. The City’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Program commissioned WestEast to conduct a study and conceptualize different methods of repairing and beautifying hazardous pavements. The result was a small grouping of panels that incorporated wayfinding and commemorative markers that highlight unique destinations in San Antonio. The three panels pictured pay homage to the Historic Alamo, the San Antonio Tricentennial, and the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Go chase the pavements at West Market and St. Mary’s Street to see for yourself!

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WestEast Wellness Journey - Breaking a Few (Pasture-Raised) Eggs


6 June 2019

At the beginning of April 2019, the Social Committee at WestEast Design Group, (a group of staff members who host socials for the firm), launched a fitness initiative challenging the staff to get active and begin to take steps towards a better lifestyle. To measure the staff’s progress, participants weighed in every Monday morning and had their total BMI calculated over the course of a month and a half. At the close of the fitness challenge this past month, General Manager, Katherine Kimm, sought to extend the fitness challenge beyond the weight loss aspect and examine what we consume and how it effects our overall wellness. The idea came to her following a visit to the Historic Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market and striking up a conversation with Travis Krause of Parker Creek Ranch. The Texas A&M Graduate is the owner of a holistic farm ranch located in D’Hanis, Texas. Krause practices regenerative holistic architecture, raising grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs, chicken, turkey, pork and even sells raw honey. The goal is to conserve natural resources and create nutritious and sustainable products.

Conscious of our ecological footprint, WestEast is proud to support local farm-to-market producers and local business owners by purchasing eggs and grass-fed beef from Parker Creek Ranch. Today we continue our wellness journey as we sample new food items and limit our impact on the environment all while creating a better holistic future for our continued wellness.

Our fridge full of pasture raised eggs!

Our fridge full of pasture raised eggs!

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Thank you Parker Creek Ranch! We are excited to eat some of your delicious products.

Thank you Parker Creek Ranch! We are excited to eat some of your delicious products.

2019 Summer Barbecue

31 May 2019

Family and friends joined together for the firm’s annual Summer Barbecue on Friday, May 31. The evening had teams competing to be champion of cornhole as the cooks sauteed and grilled fajitas for the prestigious title of “pit master”. However, these titles did not come close to the most coveted and distinguished award of the night, as we also announced the winner of our first Staff Fitness Challenge!

Special thanks to our multi-talented team of architects and engineers for continuing to bring our staff together with socials, great food and a bit of friendly competition.

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WestEast University | Foresight


WestEast University is an ongoing professional employee development series that aims to expand knowledge and perception through engaging conversations from industry professionals and outside speakers.

8 March 2019

On Friday, WestEast University presented Greg Turner AIA, LEED AP, President and founder of Turner Duran Architects in Houston, Texas who shared his knowledge on “Foresight”. Foresight emphasizes systemic and transformational change as opposed to focusing on incremental change based on existing trends and conditions. Our discussion focused on the anticipation of change, encouraging communication and involvement in the industry and finally defining preferred, desired, and acquired goals.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Greg for presenting to us and expanding our viewpoint as we apply these concepts to not only the architecture and engineering industry but also towards everyday life.

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WestEast Open it's doors in the Rio Grande Valley

22 February 2019

WestEast Design Group welcomed guests and colleagues from around the Rio Grande Valley to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new office in Edinburg, Texas. We are excited to lay down roots in one of the fastest growing areas of South Texas and are eager to serve the community with our technical expertise and design experience. Thank you to all of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues for attending this momentous occasion with us. We enjoyed the warm welcome and hope you all enjoyed the evening as well!

We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and showcasing what WestEast Design Group can bring to the valley in the years to come.

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Happy Holidays from WestEast Design Group


8 December 2019

WestEast Design Group gathered together with our family and friends for the firm’s annual Holiday Dinner at Paesano’s Italian Restaurant. The evening was filled with delicious food, jubilee and a White Elephant gift exchange to celebrate the holiday season. It was a merry occasion for all in attendance as we reflected on the firm’s accomplishments and gave a formal welcome to all our new employees.

Special thanks to Paesano’s Italian Restaurant & Staff and WestEast Management for hosting.

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WestEast Design Names New Associates

We are proud to introduce Carlos Ayala and Joey Nguyen as our newest WestEast Associates!

Both Carlos and Joey have been with our firm for four years and have shown dedication to their profession along with great leadership potential. They join the ranks of the WestEast leadership team as two of its youngest members. Their fresh insight will bring a new perspective to the firm as we bring 2018 to a close and look forward to next year. We are very fortunate to have great personnel like them and are excited to see what they will accomplish in the years to come.

Congratulations, Carlos and Joey!

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Summer Staff Potluck

24 August 2019

WestEast Design Group invited our friends and families for a summer potluck! Highlights of the evening included fun, laughter, and of course fantastic and filling food!  

We love our employees and staff and family who make our firm so much fun and great to work at!

Check out our pictures below!