It seemed like it might be an ordinary morning here at the WestEast office and it was…until an entire class of third graders from Hillcrest Elementary showed up.  Just as everyone was settling into their post-coffee morning routine, a WestEast emeritus architect, Tom Sokol, AIA showed up with a group of very curious children.

Hillcrest is one of several area schools that takes part in an arts program that pairs volunteers from the architecture world with elementary school kids to teach them about the architecture profession.  Over this past semester, Tom has been volunteering his time once a week at the school.  The final part of the program involves taking the school to an actual architecture firm so that they could see firsthand, what architects do and where they work.  That’s what led to the scene at our offices this morning.

After a brief introduction from our General Manager, Katherine Kimm, the children were toured around the office by our own Andrea Tejeda Gamez.  They seemed genuinely interested in the model and the drawings that were placed all around the office, as they asked questions like, “do you have to know math?”  The final part of the tour involved splitting the children up into small groups and allowing them talk one on one with those working in the studio.  It was a satisfying moment for all of us to hear students walking away exclaiming how cool architecture is and how they just drew something in sketch up.  We look forward to hosting again and enjoy the fact that what they saw today might have influenced one or more of these students to eventually work in Architecture, Interior design, Graphics or Construction Management.