WestEast Welcomes: Two New FuLl-timers

Please say hello to WestEast newbies, Lisa Valdivia and Fernando Hernandez.

Lisa and Fernando have both been working as part-time interns for the last three months but have recently moved up to full-time.  Both of them graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with undergraduate degrees in Architecture. 

Lisa chose WestEast because of the talent and working relationships that she saw while she was helping out part-time. Getting to work side by side with great people and actually making a difference in the built environment are important to Lisa and are a big part of the reason she studied Architecture.  Despite her diminutive size, Lisa can be found eating twice her weight in the awesome San Antonio Mexican food around here, or cheering on her beloved Spurs. 

Fernando started out quietly building a model when he first got to WestEast.  “Who is that guy in the back?” was often heard before he finished the model and moved into the main studio.  Now, Fernando is a part of the larger team and we all get to share in his creativity and drive to get things done correctly.  Taking his creative spirit and having the chance to make it tangible is one of the things that Fernando loves best about architecture.

We are happy to have these two additions to our studio and we expect great things from them in the following year.