Recently, we added Maria Ramon, IIDA to our interior design team.  Originally from Saltillo, Mexico, Maria received her Bachelor’s degree from ITESM Monterrey and then followed with her Master’s at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Maria's favorite aspect of interior design is the research and, consequently, being able to design a space that is efficient in all aspects of design: space planning, functionality and the image it sends to its users and the outside world.  Without the research, it is impossible to do.  "Each client comes with its own DNA," Maria says, "and figuring it out is always very intriguing.” 

The biggest influence on her career thus far the time she spent in Chicago working with Nicholas Luzietti, “an Interior Design Magazine Hall of Famer.”  Maria explains, “from research to concept, to final design process, I learned from him to push the envelope and never let down on the concept idea that drives the project.”   

In WestEast, Maria saw a firm that is moving toward a forward-thinking design culture.  We can’t help but agree and are very glad that she decided to become a part of our firm and our unique brand of forward-thinking design culture.

Before joining us, Maria had her own practice where she worked on a variety of project types.  Her most recent work involved private clients and their corporate offices—from a wide range of fields like consulting, construction, agriculture and automotive.  You can view her previous work here on her past website,