It looks like we have another “new guy” in our midst here at WestEast. His name is Peng Ju or “PJ” for short.  Having recently earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, PJ cites two things that drew him to WestEast.  First, he wanted a chance to work with both experienced and young, energetic professionals and secondly, he likes the idea of combining western and eastern cultures in one office. 

Peng, like so many here in the WestEast office, has a penchant for graphics and visual representation and firmly believes that good architecture can help us all to love our life more.  He goes on to explain that sometimes in architecture, we have the tendency to think too much about form.  For Peng, architecture needs to be people oriented, with a focus on their daily behavior.

We are very happy to include Peng as one more unique and talented member of the team and are eager to see how well he really does at his secret talent—playing pool.  It seems we may need to test this talent at one of our next Friday, T times.