Wellness Journey has hatched an Egg Club


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Since we began our Wellness Journey, the supply of pasture raised eggs and grass-fed beef has dwindled and left our fridge empty. This is great news though, as it signals our next order with Parker Creek Ranch! If you recall our last post, the extension of our fitness initiative made its way into the kitchen and introduced us to sampling regenerative holistic farming products while also supporting local small businesses.  The result yielded positive reviews across the board. Many WestEast employees cited a sweeter taste to their eggs compared to the local superstore huevos. Lest not forget the warm shades of tan in their cartons!

 By popular demand an “Egg Club” has hatched in our office! The establishment of this new club is positive reinforcement towards a healthier lifestyle and increased awareness of environmental preservation. As architectural designers, we are tasked with designing environmentally conscious facilities. By supporting products of holistic farming, we are extending this practice into our personal lives and are designing a better lifestyle for continued health. Our goal is to increase awareness about preserving the environment and promoting healthier habits within our office space, one egg at a time.  

We are egg-cited to continue our wellness journey and introduce new ways to limit our ecological footprint and instill a healthier lifestyle.   

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