New Life for Atlee B. Ayres Residence

One of the exciting things about WestEast is the variety of projects that are simultaneously happening within the same studio at any given time.  Currently, our design-build team is working on a unique project in the Monte Vista neighborhood.  It is the renovation of a 1924 Atlee B. Ayres residence.

 Atlee B. Ayres is a well-known San Antonio Architect who made his mark in the early 1900s with many well-known buildings like the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum (previously known as the Atkinson House).  His work is heavily influenced by the Spanish Colonial Revival style of architecture and is seen throughout Central Texas.

 The Monte Vista residence is in the Spanish Colonial Revival style and is currently undergoing both exterior and interior work as well as landscape concept design.  Once interior ductwork is completed and equipment installed, WestEast will move on to getting the electrical work finished as well as continuing to restore both the interior and exterior. When all new electrical circuits are finalized, our interior plaster subcontractor will repair all surfaces to allow a final coat to be applied to all new walls.  

 Most of the spaces will be left as originally intended while new finishes and fixtures will be provided for all bathrooms.  The process of such a renovation is often a delicate balancing act of updating structures for modern sensibilities while carefully restoring the intentions and aesthetic of the past design.  We look forward to seeing the final product as we work our way through this special renovation.