St. Philip's SWC Master Plan

St. Philip's college southwest campus
master plan 

WestEast provided comprehensive master planning services for new development at St. Philip’s College Southwest Campus. The master plan considers existing infrastructure while also accommodating new building footprints and associated site development that range in size from 10,000 SF to 35,000 SF. Proposed ideas for transforming the campus include embracing the surrounding industrial context and using traditional principles to create functional and exciting spaces for students and faculty to enjoy. A central quad with amphitheater-style seating and an outdoor gallery to display student work forms the focal point of the campus master plan. This space is critical in establishing various connection points and visual markers including shaded pedestrian walkways and vehicular roundabouts to tie the campus together. A major highlight for the college’s truck driving school will be a track for hands-on semi-tractor training. Several schemes explored various ways to strategically situate the track at the southernmost area of the site. 


LOCATION: San Antonio, TX  

CLIENT: The Alamo Community College District - St. Philip's College     

SIZE: 50 Acres

SERVICES: Master Planning